The Editorial Team

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The size of the team varies greatly based on the project in question. A 30-second advertisement will seldom have more than two. A wedding videography business may have just one person doing all of the editing-related tasks, and a large feature film may have half a dozen.

Even on Hollywood films, the size of editorial teams can vary widely from just 2 people to 8 or 10 people on an extremely complex film.

On almost all high-end work, however, there is an editor and at least one assistant.

The editor is the primary person responsible for making the creative decisions about which shots and takes to use, when to cut, etc. On some larger films, it’s becoming more common to have two people share the title of editor, especially when the film is working on a tight schedule.

In order to allow the editor(s) to focus on the story, the assistant editors keep everything organized and in sync. The assistants are the workflow masterminds and must have much deeper technical savvy than the lead editor. Depending on the size of the project, the amount of footage, and the amount of VFX, there may also be a VFX editor.

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